Sport Aerobics is an athletic and competitive sport that has a singular connection of aerobic choreography and gymnastics elements. This sport generates a chance for kids, and teens to compete in a sport that demands less risk than gymnastics while keeping the artistic quality and fun of aerobics. Sports aerobics is an interesting, competitive sport that demands performing active movement patterns to fast paced music. It is a sport that is less strenuous, in comparison with the gymnastics but it offers the fun and upbeat characteristics of aerobics.

At Jungle Cats all of our aerobics classes compete at the School Aerobics competitions. We offer primary, secondary and Old skool (adult) teams. We also offer solos and duos if an athlete has the confidence to compete on their own. Our competition season starts in Term 4 as the first competition is in March. Tryouts are held in the September school holidays and we require commitment to the teams as soon as Term 4 starts. At each competition all teams are required to meet a minimum score to move onto the next round, i.e States then Nationals.  Commitment in terms 4 2019 and Term 1 2020 are crucial to ensure the competition season is not cut short. For more information and a free trial please contact today!