Jungle Cats has a large range of competitive and non-competitive (recreational) classes to suit individuals with experience or first timers. Many beginners are under the misconception that you require experience to be part of a competition team and automatically choose to do recreational classes. The truth is 75% of our Level 1 Cheer, teams are made up of first year students and are still extremely competitive on stage. Competition and Recreational students all learn the same skills and all perform in our End of Year Showcase, but the major difference is the competition itself. Competition students compete with and against 1000s of other competitors and get to experience the excitement, atmosphere, challenge and incredible sense of accomplishment that comes with competitive events. Come and visit us today and see what it’s all about.

All of our Competition Cheerleaders are assessed prior to joining a team and beginning their training. We also ensure that every child is comfortable with their teams and they are assigned appropriate age group and levels.

Our 2019 Cheerleading teams are: 
Mini Novice (Beginner 4-8 years)
Youth Level 1 ( Advance Beginner 5-11 years)
Senior All Girl Level 2 (Intermediate 10-18 years)
Senior All Girl Level 3 (Intermediate 10-18 years)

Our 2019 competition season is in full swing. if you are interested in joining a competitive we kindly suggest you join one of our recreational classes to keep up or gain your skills until tryouts for the 2020 season.

Recreational Cheerleading

Recreational Cheerleading classes are the perfect way for everyone to have fun and keep fit at the same time! Both our recreational and competitive classes learn the same set of skills although with competition teams there is the added pressure of a timeline to be ready for competitions. Recreational student can work at their own pace to attained and perfect new skills. Recreational class include activities such as warm up, tumbling, stunting, conditioning and as it gets closer to concert time a little bit of dance. In term 4 all Jungle cats students will participate in our Annual end of year concert. Everyone will learn and perform a routine with the skills they have learn’t during their classes.

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