our cheerleading and dance school team

Jungle Cats Cheerleading, Aerobics and Dance is a chance for us to share our combined experience and dreams with today’s youth. Our experience has taught us that each student has different goals, needs and aspirations and is not just a number. We aim to bring the best out of our students, without the need to yell or demean. It is our belief that individuals thrive and develop a passion for the sport through encouragement and support.

Dance has it’s foundation in every culture and every belief, Aerobics has grown and remained strong since the 70s and Cheerleading is growing exponentially, first in the USA, now in Australia, only recently being approved as an Olympic sport. We are all very excited to be a part this evolution of dance and movement to music and are looking forward to sharing Jungle Cats with you.

Principal and Head Coach

I began dancing at the age of five. I have been trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, Tap, acrobatics and Hip-hop. I have completed exams in Ballet, Jazz and Tap and have competed in every style! I began cheerleading in 2010 and have loved it ever since! I have competed levels 1-5 both in Australia and Internationally!

I began teaching both Dance and Cheerleading as soon as I was old enough and have been teaching ever since! I have coached level 1 through to 4 and have experience coaching every age level!

Since 2011 I have coached multiple teams to win State and National championship titles as well as two highest scoring routines! In 2015 and 2016 I was given the position as Cheer Operations Manager at Bullets Allstars! Where I also obtained my Cert IV in Business Administration and Frontline Management.

International Achievements


Competed Level 5 with Pure Allstars at NCA in Dallas Texas

Competed Open Jazz with Mathis Dance Studios at the World Championships at Disney World, Orlando Florida

Danced in Disneyland Parade & at California Adventure, Anaheim, California

Danced at Universal Studios, California


Took a Senior Coed 3 team to compete at NCA in Dallas Texas where they came 6th.

Competed level 5 with Pure Allstars at the World Championship at Disney World, Orlando, Florida

I cannot wait to get to know all of your beautiful children and be able to help the grow and achieve new things next year! I want nothing more than your children to leave their classes with a smile on their face! I’m super excited for next year and I hope you are too! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me!


Senior Cheerleading Coach

Over a period of over 10 years, I had train in varying different styles of dance including Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and Tap. After discovering that it was the performance that was what attracted me to dance, I fell in love with cheerleading in 2011 when I joined my first competitive team. I found a strength and power in Cheer that boosted my confidence like crazy and I became a whole new person. In 2013 I started coaching and never looked back, coaching kids skills within the gym as well as fostering traits that they can take and use outside of the gym is my passion and love. Cheerleading has brought amazing opportunities like performing with guy Sebastian at the Australian open, being WNBL cheerleader for the Dandenong rangers and performing and the Frankston waterfront festival. I have competed overseas at NCA in Dallas, Texas and I have competed at the world championships in Orlando, Florida both in 2016. I am credentialed to level 5 by the USASF.


Senior Cheerleading Coach

I began gymnastics when I was three, as I grew older I was competing at a national level.Then I moved to dancing at the age of 10 where I danced competitively for 3 years in the genres: Jazz, Ballet, Hip hop, Contemporary and Tap. My dance school introduced an acrobatics class which I fell in love with, so I began to look for a sport that was slightly dance and gymnastics that’s when I found cheerleading. At the age of 13 I started cheerleading and ever since i have had a passion for it. I’m currently 19 and have been involved in competitive cheerleading for 5 years. I joined the Jungle Cats family as a coach in 2016 and I love the atmosphere. I think that coaching is so rewarding, being able to watch the students grow each week is what drives my passion. I’m excited for this new year and look forward to seeing the Jungle Cats family grow!


Senior Aerobics and Cheerleading Coach

I began taking dance lessons at 3 years old and have continued this for the past 16 years, I have been trained in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Funk.
In 2007 I started Gymnastics and followed this through for 7 years competing at a national level and winning Bars State Champion in 2013!
During this time I joined my school Aerobics and Cheerleading teams also taking on an aerobics coaching role in 2015/2016.
I joined Jungle Cats 5 years ago where I began as a Cheerleading coach, from there I have had a appreciation for the club and the growth of the athletes. I am continually pushing the boundaries to develop within myself and the children I coach.
Having had a very successful 2018 with teams qualifying and placing in the top 3 at Nationals, 3 of which winning National titles, including myself winning the individual pom/dance audition.
I am very passionate about what Jungle Cats has to offer and am very excited to meet and train with you and your children and grow together! Bring on 2019!


Senior Dance Coach

I have been dancing since I was 10 and have competed in many solo and troupe competitions. I also have competed at a national level for calisthenics and aerobics. I have completed a diploma in music theatre and a cert IV in dance at spectrum dance. I am so excited to start teaching dance at jungle cats and meet you all.


Cheer Coach & Reception

I started cheerleading in 2010 and fell in love with it straight away! I have trained and competed in levels 1-4 up until 2016 when I stopped cheering due to a shoulder injury.
In 2016 I was lucky enough to travel with a senior 3 team to compete at NCA in Dallas, Texas.
I have had some coaching experience in the past and I am excited to get back into it!
I can’t wait to have a fun and successful year, full of hard work and new achievements.


I have been at Jungle Cats for 4 years now. I am a year 12 student at Mornington Secondary College and I have participated in their aerobics squad since year 7. Last year I was not only an aerobics national champion but I also choreographed the routine which lead us to victory. In 2015 I was also a part of a national champion team at Jungle Cats which is definitely a big highlight of my experience here at this club. I have studied many styles of dance including RAD ballet, ceccheti ballet, pointe, hip hop, jazz, tap, lyrical and contemporary. Last year I also completed VCE dance and finished in the top 16% of the state. This was due to determination, hard work, a positive mindset and a brilliant teacher, all qualities which I strive to bring to all of my classes in 2019. Throughout my time at Jungle Cats I have taken part in aerobics, pom and level 2,3, and 4 cheerleading and I have been lucky enough to have coached hip hop, aerobics and cheer. I have recently taken dance classes at the most prestigious dance school in Los Angeles, America and I am so excited to bring back what I have learnt to such a fantastic group of kids. Bring on 2019!


Junior Cheer Coach 

I have been at Jungle Cats for 4 years now and I’m starting my 5th! I started doing gymnastics at the age of 10 in 2015, but I only did it for a couple months because I felt it just wasn’t for me. Then I decided to start cheerleading, so I joined level 2 Jaguars at Jungle Cats! I loved it within seconds and as the years went by I started doing more and more teams including more cheer, stunt groups, hip hop, aerobics teams, duos and solos, jazz, Pom and lyrical! There are so many highlights in my jc career but some of them would be learning so many life skills and being able to travel to different states with my friends to compete at various competitions. One of my best achievements would be being undefeated all year and national champion in my secondary orange aerobics solo in 2018! I also competed a secondary orange aerobics duo that was also undefeated all year and national champion in 2018! I can’t wait to continue coaching in 2019 with an amazing group of kids and seeing what achievements Jungle Cats can make in the new year!


Junior Cheer Coach 

I started dancing at the age of 6 and have been dancing ever since. I have been trained in many different styles such as ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, tap and hip hop. I started doing cheer and dance at jungle cats in 2015. I have competed in levels 3 and 4 and also have competed in dance. I started coaching in 2017 and found a passion for it. I have loved watching all the girls I have coached improve and become amazing cheerleaders. I can’t wait to be a coach in 2019 and continue doing what I love!!!


Assistant Cheer Coach 

I’m a new coach ready to learn. I have done cheer for 8 years and danced for 9 years.
I traveled to America and danced in the Disneyland parade. I am so excited to start coaching!